Opting out of the Canadian Charter

Let the politicians talk about how patriotic they are and swear how much they are committed to people’s safety and welfare, but when, even once, they seek exemptions from the  Canadian Charter of Rights, we know what hypocrites they are.  Remember when the federal conservatives railed against samesex marriage!  The leader had to be cornered by the press to accept that Canadian law accepts homosexuals as people. Ford opts out twice.

Ford government criminalizes the right to strike

Small government conservatives, guardians of fiscal integrity and diabolical separatists and insurrectionists seem to have few solutions that are not punitive legislation.  The view that business drives the engine of human life is about to be seen again as completely false.  In recent years we have seen how pestilence and weather can cripple business and leave people untouched.   So let the conservatives slander and accuse; their crimes will again be exposed.   The right to choose the size of government and the right to strike may not be popular in conservative and separatist circles, but people will not side with the government against education workers.

October 2022 is a month like any other

People in power like to call upon extraordinary circumstances because they want to do extraordinary things. Extraordinary people and things arise out of ordinary circumstances. How else can they be recognized? The most influential person who ever lived came from a town out of which his contemporaries said nothing good could come. The education minister balances the pandic and economic crises against stripping the rights of labourers saying that these are not ordinary times. The businesses to whom the conservative politicians hope to hand all the switches of power are not to be compared to people. The threat of fines for acting in accordance with Canadian law is despicable and shows the cruelty of conservative concern for valuable people whose wages have fallen by the wayside. Who does the government blame for all the broken services and trust? The same conservatives have been in power for the last four years. Canadian Law ought to be followed by provincial officers.