A book on Israel to rescue global freedom

James Robison was probably once a preacher of the Gospel.  He most likely was a pastor and ordained minister.  Today he is the poster boy for the marketing of useless trivia alongside the charitable work he is evidently more comfortable doing.  No one is ever saved by supporting the poor directly or by finding agencies that do.  Today he is hawking a book which, he claims will secure global freedom.

Blasphemy, filthy lucre and greed

What happened to the Bible?  Is it so hijacked by the people who like to wave it around and make solemn statements with their hands on it without caring about what is on its pages?  The definitive guide to Israel was written in Greek 2000 years ago, but most people are too local language biased to take the time to read the Bible in its splendour.  I used to watch with curiosity and excitement as James and his wife pour their hearts out to needy people across the ocean. I usually got turned off by his guests purporting to teach some kingdom principle or other fantastic elementary process that believers need. The world will need Israel and Judaism when Israel is a welcoming place for Egyptians, Iraqis, Palestinians, Lebanese, and Black people. You can only slander the God of Abraham and Yeshua by pushing a narrative that has Israel – of any age – as the solution to global captivity and oppression. It is not possible.

The truth slips right of our fingers

Which part of “Time’s up” do people not get?  A desolate house stands on Temple Mount not because of antisemitism or because Islam is a proper revision of Mosaic Judaism, but because it  was so decreed Israel’s king, the one that arrived on a donkey. Seventy years of captivity pales into insignificance alongside the 19 centuries-long shut down of levitical operations. Time is not stretchable. God’s looking the other way has an end. Justice is not a revolving door of rituals; at some point everyone’s account becomes due. Freedom is a thing the sons of Israel are required to remember. I cannot imagine anyone cherishing freedom apart from a bondage experience. Yet the contemporaries of our Lord Yeshua debated with him that the sons of Israel were never in bondage to anyone.

They answered Him, “We are Abraham’s descendants and have never yet been enslaved to anyone; how is it that You say, ‘You will become free’?”

John 8:33

Men and women who are committed to justice without cultural trash are hard to find. If the threat of eviction is still reverberating in Judea and Samaria then it is ostensibly because the crimes in the temple continue in the political arena, because today, in the 21st century, scribes and Pharisees can no longer with ease or the threat of violence silence the truth or dampen the thirst for biblical knowledge. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the God of all nations, and his worshippers from all over the world are not umbilically connected to Jerusalem or Gerizim, to Moses, the patriarchal traditions, or the wisdom of Solomon. There is one greater than David and Solomon. So let’s send the books and videos packing, because they do not prioritize the weightier matters of the Law, nor recognize that the blood of bills and goats is useless and irrelevant. Let the children sing and dance their “Hosanna to the son of David” who alone sets people genuinely free.