Ford’s frantic fraud

Ontario’s premier is banking for the votes of business and we should not underestimate the proportion of votes that accrue to a party going all out to opt out of Canada’s constitution, health system, and land and environmental sustainability vision.  Every single initiative of the Conservative government had the smell of a drug deal, with a caring soundbyte out front and repeated often. Thanks to an alert and  brave Canadian Mr. Ford’s brazen raiding of the federal purse is out in the open.   His plot to unravel the fabric of Canada’s unique national consensus began with his conferences with the Atlantic premiers, ostensibly coordinating demands for health funding.

Thank you, Brave Canadian, Ms Cooper.  For a necessary medical procedure, she ended up paying fees of nearly $1200.  Believe it folks!  There is a network of medical practitioners and their staff lining up to pick the pockets of Ontarians, all in the name of providing alternate locations for medical procedures to reduce wait times. Thanks to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, we have seen the tip of the iceberg.  The urgency for sending land developers into the Greater Toronto Area’s Greenbelt is that there is a shortage of homes.  The Federal government’s commitment to the right of workers to strike is just too much for a party pledged to stand with business entities. The Premier’s insincerity comes forth, like a leaky faucet, drip, drip, drip.