The new dangerous alliance

When the funding of the Freedom Convoy came to light the deer frozen in the beans were churches and parachurch organizations, many of whom were proponents of religious liberty. There never was an official barrier to the expression of religious faith in Canada except the campaign to snuff out First Nations culture. A nastier alliance is hard to find. Christians who have nothing to hide have no fear of government. Those who want to turn Canada into an imitation of any of the religious states of ancient or modern history are intoxicated with the wine of male chauvinism and intolerance. They do not see how every state claiming to have a religious foundation has descended into fascism, thinly disguised civil dysfunction and civil war. They do not see Rome, London and Washington as little bits of tinder-dry kindling. They learn nothing from Pakistan and the Islamic Republics. They are creating a narrative bolstered by legal jargon about the denial of fundamental rights. The Freedom Convoy, they say, was a peaceful protest, as if Canadians are all drunk with visions of a state dominated by right wing Catholics and colonialist Protestants and everything between.

The Freedom Convoy had everything to do with terrorism. Conservatives who want to copy the wild American West are the only ones begging for violence to be a mainstream means of conversing with the government. It is a complete red herring. It is poorly disguised Islamophobia. It is a lack of sensitivity to the plight of Canada’s First Nations to be pushing legal buttons in pursuit of a doomed to fail front seat in government.

Real Christians are nauseated by religious government. Since churches cannot come up with a regime to enforce their internal administration of justice, they will never find one for the country. The fundamental rights of Canadians are secure. The Church needs no alliance, not with Caesar or any of the many wannabe emperors and kings. The priorities of any state and The Christ will eventually be seen in stark contrast no matter how similar they appear. The book is rightly thrown at the Freedom Convoy and its funders.