All for the right to bear arms

The right to life passes right over the US Rep. Donalds’ head as he tries to appear to be a champion of the US constitution. Jake Tapper gives Representative Byron Donalds several leading questions to admit that who lawmakers that do nothing about gun violence are appearing as inhumane. Rep. Donalds kept putting the right to bear arms above all law, jurisprudence and common decency, even when asked directly – with a closed question – to address the murder of innocent children in their schools. The way Rep. Donalds contended for the GOP position on stronger measures to curb gun violence gives us pause to consider whether American representatives are really enjoying being either paranoid juveniles or gun-toting insurrectionist adults.

The God and the Country

it is safe to assume that Republicans are decided on putting the Right to Bear Arms above the right to live. For a Black man to be in that position with the Republican party is exceptionally damning and embarrassing. That people are people is not up for Democrat or Republican vote and policy preference. If the God and the Constitution, that go with country are mere words to be celebrated and defended without giving daylight to a sacred debt to humanity’s welfare then we understand that the people’s harmony cannot be sacrificed for partisan animus, malicious intent and hostility. With a rifle always close at hand it is a good thing to hang on to the right to care about others, and keep between us, whatever our view of the common earth-bond may be, that good old golden rule. Right?

Jake Tapper tries, in vain, to get a Republican member of the House of Representatives to earn humane credit

Proving that they are really against the right to life

The Republicans will never agree that amendments to the constitution are the cause of much of the national debilitating impasses. When the leader of the Republican party is unable to answer questions under oath without the use of the Fifth Amendment but he persistently spreads the lie that he lost the last election due to fraud by election officials, and the lie still grips the Republican Party after 60 trips to the courts, it is clear that Freedom of Expression and the Right To Bear Arms are in serious conflict. It is about time Americans wise up or grow up.

Donalds and his leader (from