The last time you told the truth

Are you a spinner or interpreter of the Gospel? Do you expect my biblical truth to be contemporary propaganda or timeless teaching approved by the Anointed God? Did the world change when we started? Where will the world be when we end? The truth can never again be separated from the man Messiah Yeshua.

Salvation preacher’s courage A to Z

Without the Nazarene, the Anointed God, our truth-speaking is a lot of clangjng symbols, useless noise, and hot air.

Psalm 45:7

Hebrews 1:8-9

The Face of Deceit

When a mosquito bites… When a bee stings… When a dog bites… When people lie to us…When a mutated virus is killing people…

Why all the megalomania and gee whiz optics?

“We do not know what we have here” is what the scientists are saying, nevermind the frantic search for solutions. Wait until a genuine Biblical plague comes down the pike! Forget the magic and optimism. Just tell us the truth.

Humans tend to have a consistent response to mosquito bites, dog bites, lies, but covid-19 has shown us the face of deceit, from the White House, governments across the globe and delusional religious leaders. Coronavirus is going away but not like a miracle and the pandemic was not totally under control two weeks ago. Please God, help me plug my ears from hearing one more syllable from the shameless bigot king potus45.