Smell the cannabis you noses of love and justice

What exactly is canceled culture?  I’m not going to look it up,  but I guess it relates to people who think that whatever they have to say, whatever they have to contribute, must be accepted by everybody else.  People cannot say no to them.  People can’t say “Hey Buster. You’re done”.  Let’s face it some people are done.   There is no longer an empire named Babylon.  There is no Empire named Persia on this planet.   There’s no Empire name Greece.  It is over for world-ruling empires.  What is left of world empires is iron and dirt.  That is Rome today, and we can see where Rome  is heading today.  Exciting revelations are pouring out from Stanley Tucci explorations, so let us see if we can talk culture and cancel without getting trigger happy and loose tongued.  A neo-fascist Italy is not too far from the Rome that built London, and Rome had nothing to do with Washington, or the capitals of Texas, Florida, Michigan, or Arizona. Railing against cannabis is a rotting fish, and the justice sniffers are inoperative, because alcohol, annual killer of thousands, is a favorite of many politicians, one of whom promised citizens beer for a buck.

Make who great again?

If people do not read they can hardly call themselves civilized.  Ask the Iraqis and the Iranians about writing and progress.  There is no spin that can unseat the facts.  Ask the Germans, French and the British about empire and you will discover that watching reality TV and consuming hundreds of poisonous viral videos will end in soiled hands and pants with no water in sight.  Greatness is not an idea; it is the result of honest and courageous persons living where all men can see them.  If you have ever wondered why the 45th president of the United States steals documents, does his best to leave no trail of his communications, ask “Why does wax melt in the presence of a fire?” Who seriously wants Babylon Persia, Greece or Rome to be in charge of the global agenda again?

The gloves are off

America has gone from grand adventure to wild West, to an unending civil war and the theatre of  political games.  What else can a two party state be but a game of all fall down?  So they want to play with official opposition, well, there it is, and the house divided falls.  The readiness with which people deny that humanity contains a standard of goodness, even a potential goodness to one’s enemies is surprising and shameful.  The powerbrokers on one side of the aisles of power are equipping themselves to empty the government of the nation of basic welfare for all.

Serving justice has a new face

Why should using the law to permanently injure people for cannabis use be reversed?  Short answer: cannabis is neither a narcotic nor an intoxicant like alcohol.   Apart from the desire to have abundance (the love of money) we can see what makes siblings of Iran, the United States, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the PRC.  Misogny.    If women, the lynchpin of human existence, can be the target of such a destructive attitude and program, we should not be surprised that racist and xenophobic mindsets also thrive in these places.

We can’t smell justice even right under our noses

These same states that are famous for concocting legislation that outlaws things that are perfectly legal can fool the gullible.    Ronald Reagan’s war on drugs was a verifiable red herring: it targeted black and brown people and ignored the use of synthetic chemicals by white people practically in the open.  Ronald Reagan and the GOP did not close a single bar or liquor store.  Yeshua and his apostles said nothing about what go ornament justice should look like, and no one wants to adopt Mosaic legislation wholesale.  Yeshua’s mother, on the other hand, was cogent and precise about what justice looks like.

And His mercy is upon generation after generation Toward those who fear Him. He has done mighty deeds with His arm; He has scattered those who were proud in the thoughts of their heart. He has brought down rulers from their thrones, And has exalted those who were humble. He has filled the hungry with good things; And sent away the rich empty-handed.

Luke 1:50-53, NASB

When you find a politician who is ready to scatter proud people, ready to bring down the rulers from their seats, ready to exalt the humble and the meek (basically the oppressed people), ready to fill the hungry with good things, and ready to send the rich people away empty-handed, give us a call then we’ll talk about real justice in the 21st century.