Self-awareness banished

All the press secretaries of the 45th president are going to be mindless automatons who think they are living in the 1930s, a time when a German leader strutted, lied, ranted, raged, spewed hate and distrust of one another, and robbed a people of their dignity. Heil Mindless MAGA Mobsters.

Christians have joined a movement just like the German outrage, with an unmasked hatred for anything non-Caucasian, a passion for despising strangers, blind self-love, corruption, nepotism, criminal enterprises and self-pity.

Who will be believe that American Christians and Republican leaders have an honest or courageous bone left in their bodies after 8 years of opposing, with evident personal malice, the thoughtful and honourable 44th President Barack Obama? Only those who have sold their souls to robotically repeat bigoted sayings and have no sense of where and when they are.

Reality TV and Demoniacs

Demoniacs are usually people in the grasp of one or more of the fallen angels. If a demon takes over a human body we can be sure Christ was not living there. When people cling to opinions about Christ that do not appear in the apostolic witness – not only in the Bible – they are engaging in pure show, Pharisaism, and a  souped-up reality television kind of exercise, and it may be completely powered by demons.

We have seen that deception and seduction plays a role in enabling the believer’s assurance just as surely as they are the devil’s paintbrush and picture.   The dangers are part of the must-happens in the last days.  They have been around since the church was an infant.  However failure to cling to Yeshua’s faith is not merely disastrous, it is predicted and particularly for the last days.

Demoniac dominion

To some extent we have done a poor job of closing the door on demonic influences. This means that the fingerprint of the deceiver can be seen in every unofficial and official creed. The wine of Babylon – the energy devoted to keeping people barely alive and dependent on (an increasingly irrelevant) leadership is still a priority over equipping believers. The deceiver is busy as he has ever been.

And the dragon was energized against the woman, and went to make war with the woman’s remaining children who keep God’s commandments and who have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

Revelation of John 12:17

There are enough angels of the fallen kind to manipulate things so that the appearance leads to the conclusion that “it has to be God that’s doing that”. Of course they can predict things that are deep mysteries to the average mind.

People who have departed from the faith are typically not aware that they have done so.  That is the nature of deception and seduction.  Lazy and poorly informed leaders, even those with seemingly impeccable credentials as charismatic personalities, have shredded the truth of the gospel into hundreds of tiny bits of irrelevant demands. The template for identifying the departed is readily available.

Signs of the departed reality

  • Forbidding people to marry; a certain symptom of tribalism
  • Promote lies that resemble truth; acting out what they really are not
  • Forbidding certain foods; ultimately denying God the thanksgiving he deserves and expects from the people who consume the forbidden foods

Television gives little education and entertainment that is of true value. Most of what we see is carefully staged performances. Life needs better foundations than the popular 20 minute soundbytes. It seems that 21st century media has adopted the 1st century Pharisees: covering up its inner corruption with public and loud displays of patriotism and passion for a useless and murderous imitation of life.

What Scripture is supposed to do and for whom

  • My Story. Doctrine must relate to the one person who says “They are my testimony” (John 5:39)
  • My Courage to Change. Reproof establishes that having God’s word without believing it is not profitable. (John 5:46)
  • Confess the vanity of the past. Correction is a benefit for people willing to say we have been wrong
  • One brand and one source item. Righteousness is the full shield and armour against death, law, and sin
  • Beneficiary. God’s man only can be perfectsd: the devil’s guy can drop his charade about reading and studying

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.

2 Timothy 3:16-17

For the man of God to be fully equipped with good works

It is knowledge of the writings that brings us to the encounter with the One whose story is being told. Knowing him is not acquiring a ton of data but establishing the lover’s link. Asking ourselves if good works are pouring out of us will be a good test to see if the Scriptures are working.

No slogans. Just the record

How does one “claim salvation”? Is God a “One strike you’re out” kind of judge? If it is true that he said “I will never leave you or forsake you” why does any adversity make us act as if love has gone away?

There are more than a few things people like to say without thinking about the ramifications. Sloganeering has dulled the minds of a great deal of the people in church these days. For those who have not committed to following the Saviour the cheap sayings of old dominate like a crown of gold on a pig’s head. This is where sloganeers live. The worst examples are those who are never heard acknowledging the exaltation of Yeshua and the salvation that only comes from him.

  • Praise and worship the creator
  • Improve the lives of …
  • Money answers to everything
  • Nothing comes easily
  • Change will come to society with medical health and financial planning
  • God is good all the time
  • Praises go up blessings come down

Christ died for sinners and I am one” means more then all the commandments, miracles and social observations.